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Transmitted Light Drop Analyser ASP-TLDA-UV (Micro-Sample Holder)

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  • Run spectral scans of the samples from 200-800nm

  • Quality Instrumentation & Measurements

  • Automated Pathlength based on the drop volume selected

  • Calibration standards (traceable to NIST primary materials) available

The ASP-TLDA-µV® is a standalone instrument that comes with its own purpose-written software that includes data export capabilities. The software can be modified to meet the customers' application requests. The touchscreen has the capability to be operated by either a left or right-handed person.

This is a 'true drop science technique' based on the analytical theory of drop physics which is theoretically modeled with a result that has been confirmed experimentally.

The ASP-TLDA-µV® system is a patented drop sample retention technology that allows the measurement of volumes as small as 1.5µL.

The ASP-TLDA-µV® instruments offer the following:

  • Quality Instrumentation & Measurements
  • Run spectral scans of the samples from 200-800nm in the standard hardware configuration, but can be customised to the user's specific requirements. Software can be provided to automate the measurement of absorbance at a given wavelength or wavelengths in the CCD spectrometer system
  • Automated pathlength based on the drop volume selected
  • The ASP-TLDA-µV® offers direct, easy measurements in less than 5 seconds - just pipette and wipe
  • Obtain quick DNA purity (260/280) ratios and concentration
  • Reproducible measurements
  • Minimal operator error
  • Calibration standards (traceable to NIST primary materials) available
  • No measurable sample carryover
  • Cleaning kit available
  • Rotating lid design for operation by either right or left handed users
  • Left or right handed touch screen capability
  • Minimal maintenance and set-up requirements due to the robust hardware and precision engineered optics
  • Small instrument footprint