Cobot RAAS

Your staff is one of your great assets, unleash the full potential of your employees, leave the boring and repetitive tasks for our Cobot. Create the job of tomorrow by training your employees using cutting-edge technology.

We offer Collaborative Robotics As A Service. Hire a cobot for a monthly fee. The best thing is you do not need to be an engineer to control our cobot. 

Our collaborative robots are safe to work with human coworkers, they have certification for the food, cleanroom, and healthcare industries. 

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Warehouse Manipulation

Warehouse tasks like receiving merchandise, palletization, packing,  storing, loading, and unloading boxes can be done with a collaborative robot in all safety for the other workers. 

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Food and Beverages 

The collaborative robot can improve the efficiency of the food and beverages transformation process and allows for social distancing between the workers. 

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Wood Transformation

Collaborative robot enhanced with AI and vision can reduce labor-intensive and repetitive tasks, worker can then be relocated to a more important task where a important decision has to be made. 

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Essential Features

Become tech-savvy

Easy to Use

3 different modes to teach the robot his position and routine of motion

Safe to use

Force sensor to stop when an object or a person is in the trajectory, enable social distancing

Cost Saving

Our cobot will cost you a fraction of what an employee cost per hour. Optimize your human resources

Enhanced Features

Become tech Genius 

Artificial Vision enhancement

We can provide a proper camera or 3D imaging system to improve the process, Virtual Reality for teleoperation

Artificial Intelligence and deep learning 

For high mixte of product  process optimization and decision

Various Mechanical jig and station

We can customize work station to your needs if you do not have the engineers on staff

Our offers

Meet Cobot ToM

  • $ 440 .00

    /week (unlimited hours)
  • Small Size Cobot: Reach 590mm 
  • Payload:3kg
  • Basic training
  • 1 application programing
  • 1 mechanical design

Meet Cobot JANE

  • $ 550 .00

    /week (unlimited hours)
  • Medium Size Cobot: Reach 800mm 
  • Payload:5kg
  • Intermediate training
  • 5 application programing
  • 5 mechanical jig design

Meet coboT Rudy

  • $ 750.00

    /week (unlimited hours)
  • Large Size Cobot: Reach 1000mm
  • Payload:10kg
  • Advance training
  • Unlimited application programing
  • Unlimited mechanical jig design



Moulay AkLoufi

 Chief Technical Adviser

Ph.D, from University Laval an expert in imaging processing, deep learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics vision, former CRVI Director, former Matrox, currently a professor at University of Moncton.

Steeve Lavoie


Experience entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience leading companies. Capable to understand industries and society challenges. Highly motivated to create jobs of tomorrow.                                   

Beshari Jamal 

Lead Robotics Engineer

Engineer from University of Ottawa, lead the robotics development for geometric perception, simulation, 3D imaging, point cloud, object segmentation, path planining.                                                                  

Great TeaM MAKE Amazing PrODUctS

CobotRAAS has dedicated engineers including mechanical, electrical, robotics, automation, and software engineers, and customer service ready to take on your challenges.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Text and Image

CNC Loading 

A collaborative robot can assist the loading of the CNC machine to increase efficiency and revenue. 

We can design the station for you with proper tooling and programmation.

Odoo • Image and Text

Soft milling

Using a Makita milling router our Cobot Jane can achieve cutting of different complex shapes in 2D or 3D. Three easy modes of programming.