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ASP-TSM-01 Optical Lens Transmittance Tester

This product is no longer available.

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  •  When running a program segment, in the process of movement of the motion-related data collection and preservation. 
  • USB:2.0
  • Can be used in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Window 7, 8 system
  • Price per channel, choose quantity 2 for 2 channel, etc...

The optical lens transmittance tester is using a micro-spectrometer. It can be applied on many fields: LED diffusion plate transmittance, lens transmittance, glass transmittance, heat-insulation paper transmittance, and every kinds of coating transmittance. 

Additional Features:

  • Quick, easy, and accurate measurement
  • Spectral deviation is within ± 0.1 nm
  • Data repeatability is 0.04 %
  • Halogen lamp light source with full visible spectrum (380 – 780 nm) testing result
  • Test items – UV, VIS, and average VIS transmittance – three functions
  • Clear report output, easy data saving
  • Haze measure according to standard ASTM D1003
  • Full spectrum transmittance according to ASTM D1003
  • Transmittance according to ASTM E275-93

Resolution  0.8 - 1.5 nm FWHM
Wavelength Range 380 - 780 nm / 300 - 1100 nm
Signal-to-nosie Range < 0.1 %
A/D Resolution 16 bit
Integration Time 1 ms - 24 s 
Input Fiber Connector SMA905
Interface USB, GPIO
Power Default USB Power, DC Power
Dimensions 140x103x234 mm (WxDxH) 
Weight 3500 grams
PC Operating Sysem Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista