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Handheld MID IR Spectrometer (2nd Generation)

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  • Rapid analysis in 5.5-11um / 1808cm-1 to 909cm-1 (fingerprint region) & 2.5-5.0u /4000cm-1 to 2000cm-1 (functional groups)
  • Spectral resolution is 70nm
  • No moving parts
  • USB2.0 interface

We bring you portable, handheld mid IR spectroscopy. This small, battery powered device provides rapid, accurate analysis of solids or liquids wherever and whenever you need, removing the wait for expensive lab based analysis and enabling instant, onsite results.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, accurate results at low cost
  • Onsite analysis – no more waiting for expensive lab based results!
  • High performance even in harsh, challenging environments


Ideal for:

  • Water analysis
  • Portable oil analysis
  • Soil analysis
  • Food analysis
  • Oil in water analysis
  • Biodiesel monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical QA
  • Medical analysis of urine & saliva
  • Wastewater monitoring


Additional Features:

  • Includes Black Body light source and IR detector
  • Solid state & robust handheld device, less than 1kg in weight
  • Battery powered operation with rechargeable Li on battery
  • Can be pre-loaded with chemometric calibration data
  • Simple, easy to use software